About Juido™


Robert Spraley
Creator of



Juido is based on the premise that an exercise system should meet three conditions.

  1. It should be both physically and mentally beneficial
  2. It should be interesting and challenging enough that it provides motivation for long-term participation.
  3. It should be useful

Ideally it should also combine effective strength, flexibility, and aerobic training that produces results in a minimal amount of time.

Taking the above criteria into account, I drew inspiration from over 40 years of judo training to develop such a system. This isn't the first time a sport or martial art has been the inspiration for an exercise system. Boxing and Karate are two of the more popular one’s that come to mind.

And although both have produced popular systems, if they are compared to the ideal physical training system they would be lacking in one or more conditions. Both boxing and karate are excellent forms of physical training, however both tend to give emphasis to one set of muscle groups while neglecting others. Both can produce serious injury to the body.

Judo because of its nature tends to make use of all the muscle groups providing aerobic training as well.

Dr Jigro Kano was one of Japan most respected educators. He developed judo in Japan around 1882. From a small jujitsu school it spread around the world. it’s still practiced by millions of people. .

Judo today is practiced as a combat sport or martial art. While it can produce a high degree of physical fitness, it also produces a lot of injuries for long-term practitioners.

By analyzing what made judo so effective as a form of physical exercise, its popularity, as well as what caused it to become injurious to the body, I was able to develop what could be considered an ideal physical training system.

The result is Juido™. Juido exhibits all the beneficial traits originally attributed to judo without the downside of likely injury.

While in the developmental stage over the past five years Juido has been tested successfully for suitability for a wide assortment of applications.

Ranging from physical education, self-defense, and general exercise programs. It also has been use as a form of physical therapy.

For many Juido can become beneficially addictive. It’s suitable for all age groups, as well as any level of physical fitness. It quickly produces results.

The only real question is how best to promote it.